• 7th International Congress on Industrial and Applied Mathematics (ICIAM 2011), Vancouver, BC, Canada, July 18--22, 2011.
    • A. H. Gebremedhin, D. Nguyen, M.M.A, Patwary and A. Pothen, The ColPack Software Library for Graph Coloring to Enable Derivative Computations
    • E. Boman, C. Chevalier and S. Rajamanickam, Ordering and Partitioning for Sparse Linear Solvers
    • A. Gebremedhin, M.M.A. Patwary and A. Pothen, Multithreaded Graph Coloring Algorithms for Scientific Computing
    • F. Dobrian, M. Halappanavar and A. Pothen, Graph Matching Algorithms
  • SIAM Conference on Computational Science and Engineering (CSE11), Germany, October 6-8, 2010.
    • M. Halappanavar, U. Catalyurek, J. Feo, A. Gebremedhin and A. Pothen, Multithreaded Algorithms for Graph Coloring
    • S. Rajamanickam, E. Boman and M. Heroux, Multithreaded Hybrid Solver for Sparse Linear Systems
    • A. Brandt, J. Chen, D. Ron and I. Safro, Relaxation-based Coarsening and Multiscale Graph Organization with Applications to Linear and Compression-friendly Orderings
    • A. Gebremedhin, Graph Coloring Software for Sparse Derivative Computation and Beyond (Poster)
  • Workshop on Manycore and Accelerator-based High-performance Scientific Computing, International Center for Computational Science, UC Berkeley/LBNL, Berkeley, CA, January 26-28, 2011
    • M. Halappanavar, Multithreaded Algorithms for Approximation and Exact Matching in Graphs
    • A. Gebremedhin, Multithreaded Graph Coloring Algorithms for Scientific Computing on Many-core architectures


  • Woudschoten Conference, Germany, October 6-8, 2010.
    • A. Pothen, Combinatorial Scientific Computing: Algorithms for Enabling Computational Science
    • A. Pothen, Scientific Computing in the Many-core Era: Scaling the Memory Wall
  • SIAM Conference on Parallel Processing for Scientific Computing (PP10), Seattle, February 2010.
    • M. Halappanavar, U. Catalyurek, F. Dobrian, A. Gebremedhin and A. Pothen, Parallel Graph Matching and Coloring for Petascale Scientific Computing
    • K. Devine, S. Plimpton, G. Bayer and J. Berry, Comparing Programming Paradigms for Graph Algorithms
    • M. Wolf, E. Boman and C. Chevalier, Recent Advances in Two-dimensional Sparse Matrix Partitioning
    • I. Safro, A. Brandt, J. Chen, and D. Ron, Algebraic Distance on (Hyper)graphs with Applications to Combinatorial Scientific Computing (Poster)


  • Supercomputing 2009, Portland, Oregon, November 2009.
    • D. Bozdag, U. Catalyurek, F. Dobrian, A. Gebremedhin, M. Halappanavar and A. Pothen Combinatorial Algorithms Enabling Scientific Computing: Petascale Algorithms for Graph Coloring and Matching. Electronic Poster. See here more info.
  • SIAM Workshop on Combinatorial Scientific Computing (CSC09), Monterey, CA, October 2009.
    • M. Wolf, E. Boman, and C. Chevalier, Improved Data Partitioning by Nested Dissection with Applications to Information Retrieval
    • A. Gebremedhin, D. Nguyen, and A. Pothen, Ordering for Coloring and More
    • F. Dobrian, M. Halappanavar, and A. Pothen, The Role of the Dulmage-Mendelsohn Decomposition in Bipartite Maximum Vertex-Weight Matching
    • M. Halappanavar, F. Dobrian and A. Pothen, Matchings in Massive Graphs on Terascale Computers
    • D. Day, E. Boman, H. Thornquist and E. Keiter, A Parallel Preconditioning Strategy for Efficient Transistor-Level Circuit Simulation
    • I. Safro, Algebraic Distance and Its Applications to Combinatorial Scientific Computing Problems
  • SIAM Conference on Computational Science and Engineering, Miami, Florida, March 2009.
    • U. Catalyurek, C. Aykanat and B. Ucar, Partitioning Sparse Matrices
    • C. Chevalier and E. Boman, Parallel Sparse Matrix Ordering with Zoltan
    • M. Halappanavar, F. Dobrian and A. Pothen, A Parallel Half-Approximation Algorithm for the Weighted Matching Problem
    • A. Gebremedhin, A. Tarafdar, D. Nguyen and A. Pothen, ColPack: A Graph Coloring Package for Sparse Derivative Computation
    • J. Utke, Automatic Differentiation via Source Transformation

  • Dagstuhl Seminar on CSC , Germany, February 2009.
    • B. Hendrickson, Combinatorial Scientific Computing: A View to the Future (Plenary talk)
    • A. Pothen, Matching in Scientific Computing (Plenary talk)
    • P. Hovland, Combinatorial Problems in Automatic Differentiation (Plenary talk)
    • E. Boman, Zoltan - A Parallel Toolkit for Partitioning, Ordering, and Coloring (Tutorial)
    • J. Utke, Automatic Differentiation with OpenAD and Combinatorial Problems (Tutorial)
    • A. Gebremedhin, The Enabling Power of Graph Coloring Algorithms in Automatic Differentiation (Contributed talk)
    • A. Lyons and I. Safro, Randomized Heuristics for Exploiting Jacobian Scarcity (Contributed talk)
    • D. Bozdag and U. Catalyurek, Parallel Short Sequence Mapping for High Throughput Genome Sequencing (Contributed talk)
    • C. Chevalier and I. Safro, Weighted Aggregation for Multilevel Graph Partitioning (Poster)



  • Invited talk, North Carolina State University, September 2007.

  • CSC Minisymposium at the 6th International Congress on Industrial and Applied Mathematics (ICIAM?07), Zurich, Switzerland, July 2007.
    • F. Dobrian, Matching algorithms in scientific computing
    • P. Hovland, Hierarchical coloring
    • P. Hovland, The OpenAD project: ADIC 2.0 and OpenAD/F
    • A. Pothen, Computing Hessians without tears: automatic differentiation and graph coloring
    • E. Boman, Combinatorial models and algorithms for parallel sparse matrix distributions
    • U. V. Catalyurek, Hypergraph-based Dynamic Load Balancing for Adaptive Scientific Computations

  • SciDAC 2007 Conference, Boston, MA, June 2007.
    • K. Devine, Partitioning and Dynamic Load Balancing for Petascale Applications
    • A. Pothen, Enabling Petascale Computational Science through Combinatorial Algorithms
    • E. Boman and K. Devine, Tutorial: Partitioning, Load Balancing and the Zoltan Toolkit
    • P. Hovland and A. Gebremedhin, Computing Jacobians and Hessians for Nonlinear PDEs (Poster)

  • Third SIAM Workshop on Combinatorial Scientific Computing, Costa Mesa, CA, February 2007.
    • E. Boman and U. Catalyurek, Fine-grain parallel sparse matrix distribution
    • C. Chevalier and F. Pellegrini, The PT-Scotch project
    • M. Strout , Hypergraphs for run-time reordering
    • I. Karlin and J. Utke, Local Jacobian pre-accumulation
    • A.H. Gebremedhin, A. Pothen, A. Tarafdar, F. Manne and A. Walther, Sparse Hessian computation using Automatic Differentiation

  • SIAM Conference on Computational Science and Engineering, Costa Mesa, CA, Feb 2007.
    • A. Pothen and A. Gebremedhin, Graph Coloring Problems for Computing Derivatives: Recent Developments and Future Plans
    • K. Devine, U. Catalyurek, E. Boman, D. Bozdag, R. Heaphy and L.A. Fisk, Parallel hypergraph repartitioning and load balancing
    • U. Catalyurek and D. Bozdag, How scalable is your load balancer?
    • P. Hovland, S. Bhowmick and T. Munson, and M. Strout, Performance improvement in a mesh quality optimization application
    • The CSCAPES team, Combinatorial Scientific Computing and Petascale Simulations: A SciDAC Applied Math Institute. (Poster)