Outreach, Community Building, and Professional Service

CSCAPES is in a sense an outgrowth of the broader effort of building a community around the field of Combinatorial Scientific Computing. The SIAM Workshop on CSC is the premier international event for the field. Since the Workshop's inception in 2004, four meetings have been organized, the latest in October 2009 in Monterey, CA. In addition, CSC minisymposia are regularly organized at SIAM and other Conferences, and CSCAPES has been organizing more SciDAC-oriented outreach activities. This page chronicles some of the major CSC events that have ocurred over the last few years and in which CSCAPES members were involved as co-organizers or in other capacities. The page also lists various professional services CSCAPES members are currently providing to the computing community at large.

SciDAC-oriented Outreach Events

International Meetings on CSC and Related Topics

  • Dagstuhl Seminar on CSC , Germany, Feb 2009.
    • Organizers: Uwe Naumann, Olaf Schenk, Horst Simon and Sivan Toledo.
    • CSCAPES participation: with three plenary talks, two tutorials, three contributed talks, a poster and two roundtable discussions, CSCAPES was strongly represented in this meeting:
      Plenary Talks
      • Bruce Hendrickson, Combinatorial Scientific Computing: A View to the Future
      • Alex Pothen, Matching in Scientific Computing
      • Paul Hovland, Combinatorial Problems in Automatic Differentiation
      • Erik Boman, Zoltan - A Parallel Toolkit for Partitioning, Ordering, and Coloring
      • Jean Utke, Automatic Differentiation with OpenAD
      Contributed Talks
      • Assefaw Gebremedhin, Graph Coloring Algorithms in Automatic Differentiation
      • Andrew Lyons, Randomized Heuristics for Exploiting Jacobian Scarcity
      • Umit Catalyurek, Parallel Short Sequence Mapping for Genome Sequencing
      • Cedric Chevalier, Weighted Aggregation for Multilevel Graph Partitioning
      • Assefaw Gebremedhin, Graph Coloring for Parallel Computation
      • Erik Boman, Multilevel Algorithms for Discrete Problems

  • AD2008, The 5th International Conference on Automatic Differentiation , Bonn, Germany, Aug 2008.
    • Organizers: Christian Bischof, Martin Bucker, Oliver Fortmeier, Paul Hovland, Uwe Naumann and Jean Utke.
    • Proceedings: The conference resulted in a volume (edited by the organizers) comprising of 31 research papers and was published in Lecture Notes in Computational Science and Engineering Volume 64 (2008).
    • CSCAPES participation: In addition to co-organizing the conference and co-editing the proceedings, CSCAPES members have authored or co-authored six of the papers in the collection; one of the plenary talks at the conference was given by Alex Pothen.

CSC Minisymposia or Workshop at Conferences

Other Outreach Activities (in which CSCAPES members participated)

Professional Service