The CSCAPES Institute is a collaborative effort among investigators from four universities and two national laboratories. As part of its committment to train the next generation of researchers in combinatorial scientific computing, the Institute also engages several post-doctoral, doctoral, and pre-doctoral students. Students at the academic institutions are given the opportunity to spend times at the national labs in the form of summer internships and other short term visits. In the current members list below, the name of the Co-PI in each institution is italicized.

  • Purdue University:
  • Sandia National Laboratories:
  • Argonne National Laboratory:
    • Investigators: Paul Hovland, Boyana Norris, Jean Utke
    • Postdocs: Ilya Safro, S. H. Krishna Narayanan, Jiequiu Chen
    • Summer students: Nana Arizumi (graduate student at UIUC; spent summer of 2008 at Argonne working on multilevel strategy for graph coloring), Heather Cole-Mullen (senior undergraduate student at the University of Chicago; spent summer of 2008 at Argonne working on coupling AD tools, especially OpenAD/F and ADOL-C); Duc Nguyen (while he was an undergrad at ODU, spent summer of 2007 as an intern at Argonne working on the SparsLinC library).
  • Ohio State University:
  • Colorado State University:
  • Other Institutions :
    • Florin Dobrian (Conviva Corporation)
    • Mahantesh Halappanavar (PNNL; Previously PhD student at ODU, Defended in Jan 2009)

    Previous Members :

  • Doruk Bozdag (Phd Student at Ohio State, Defended Thesis Dec 2008)
  • Cedric Chevalier (Postdoc at Sandia)
  • Andrew Lyons (Software Developer at Argonne)