Assefaw H. Gebremedhin, Duc Nguyen, Arijit Tarafdar, Md. Mostofa Ali Patwary, Alex Pothen


ColPack is a package comprising of implementation of algorithms for specialized vertex coloring problems that arise in sparse derivative computation. It is written in an object-oriented fashion heavily using the Standard Template Library (STL). It is designed to be simple, modular, extenable and efficient.


Sample codes (with comments) that quickly illustrate how ColPack interface functions are used are available in the directory SampleDriver.
Click on "Files" tab and then pick the files you want to look at and click on the [code] link.

To compile all sample drivers on UNIX: make test
To run all sample drivers on UNIX: make run-test

  • The make command could also be run with parameters: "make EXECUTABLE=(desired name. Optional, default name is ColPack) INSTALL_DIR=(directory where the compiled program will be placed. Optional, default dir is ./)".
  • On multi-processors computer, add flag "-j" for faster result.


Graph Collection in Matrix Market format
Graph Collection in MeTis format
To decompress .zip files on UNIX, run "unzip (targeted .zip file)"


Email Assefaw Gebremedhin at agebreme [at] purdue [dot] edu or Duc Nguyen at nguyend [at] purdue [dot] edu .

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